Your contact persons

Wolfgang Miko


+43 7683 7225

Has hatching firmly anchored in the genetic code.
"Nothing is impossible."

Nina Dobler

Planning and order processing

+43 7683 7225 55

Always has the entire planning in view - every egg arrival, every hatch, every departure and every customer - Nina has them all on the radar!
"I need a coffee for this!"

Mag. Stefan Bardeck

Planning and QM representative

+43 7683 7225 55

The man for the special cases - export, customs and airport is handled by Steve with the left hand, in addition, as quality management officer, he always has an eye on the hygiene status and occupational safety.
"I'll take a look at that."

Eveline Hemetsberger


+43 7683 7225 17

She leads the bookkeeping quietly and calmly.

Marlene Oberhuemer


Our poult in the team is already doing a great job in accounting and also supporting the planning team.

Claudia Mayr


Purchasing, planning, laboratory - Claudia works everywhere

Elfriede Binder


Elfi is our emergency nail and is in charge of the health certificates.
"I have to insert one more day, there is so much to do."

Andre Aigner


Powercontrol, Kernel, KI, Vishing – for others these words mean nothing, for Andre the world.

Mag. (FH) Elisabeth Miko-Peer

Marketing and planning

As a baby in the baby carrier already in many turkey barns- now active, with a growing range of duties.
"Is there any chocolate anywhere?"

Martin Peer

Production manager, technical manager

Preferably on the go with the Hoftrak, he skillfully conducts incubation and hatching part, as well as the drivers.
"There is only one gas: full throttle!"

Enes Mrsic


Every day he keeps an eye on the breeding machines and he predicts the quality of the poults.

Esma Mrsic


Equipped with a proper mania for cleanliness, she is the best choice for this job.