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Putenzucht Miko Gmbh

Haslau 8
4871 Frankenburg
+43 7683 7225

and answers

Our turkeypoults hatch in a beautiful area in Upper Austria near the Zipfer brewery.

1When startet Miko hatchery?
The company is second generation and was founded in 1965 with the purchase of two turkey poults. We are the only hatchery for turkey chicks in Austria. Our customers are within a radius of 1,500 kilometers.
2What is your greatest strength?
We are an independent family company and very flexible when it comes to fulfilling customer requests. Thanks to our good contacts to the breeding companies, we can supply all breeds.
3How many poults do you hatch each year?
9 millions!
4Where can you find our poults?
Our poults arrive at our customers within 36 hours after hatching. These are large growing farms in Hungary as well as organic farmers in Upper Austria.
5Is it true that turkey meat is full of antibiotics?
In Austria there is a comprehensive system to control the use of antibiotics in turkeys. The animals are only treated if they get sick and it is absolutely necessary.