Miko turkey hatchery


Poults have been our life for more than 50 years. As the only turkey hatchery in Austria, we are aware of our responsibility for the entire industry. Our high quality standards from the beginning of the hatch to the handover of the day-old poults to our partners guarantee a healthy start in every growing farm.

We completely reopened the hatchery in 2022 to meet all the requirements of modern, sustainable production that also meets organic standards. There are only a few steps left to climate neutrality.

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Miko hatchery stands for:

  • Quality management in practice - ISO 9001
  • Hatch according to the current state of art with the latest breeding programs
  • Specially designed ERP system (MIDA)
  • State-of-the-art technology and incubators
  • Ongoing training programs for all employees
  • Own trucks for professional transport
  • In-house laboratory for the quickest possible detection of salmonella
  • sustainable production

High quality criteria

Our separation into incubation and hatching part was trend-setting for the entire industry when it was introduced. Our high quality standards are still leading and we meticulously adhere to them so that our day-old poults arrive healthy and vital at the growing farm. This is what our entire team stands for.

We put the hatchery on a completely new basis in 2022 in order to be prepared for the future and to be able to provide sufficient capacities for the growing demand from Austria. The modernization has brought us very close to our goal of climate-neutral production.